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Lee and Paula Gibson

In 1991, Lee Gibson began composting cattle manure for use on his own farm land. The lack of quality compost in Moore County, and a growing concern for the long term health of the land sparked an interest in developing a commercial composting operation to build up soil structure. After five years of extensive research and multiple site visits to successful composting operations throughout the state, Lee along with his wife Paula, formed Nature's Way Compost, LLC. In 1996, the company began onsite composting operations at Dumas Cattle Feeders and Texas Beef Producers. In 2007, Lee and Paula expanded their partnership to include their two sons, Braden and Brett, as well as their daughter, Katie. Under the management of Braden, a strategic plan to broaden the business to match its current strengths with available resources began. Nature's Way Compost entered into mutual agreements with Palo Duro Feedyard and Hansford County Feedyard to provide a cost effective, environmentally sound way to dispose of their yard's cattle manure.

Gibson Family
Texas Beef Producer and Dumas Cattle Feeders then increased their pad site, allowing Nature's Way to compost all of their manure. Nature's Way Compost has also entered into agreement with Wolf Creek Feedyard in Perryton as well as Cactus Feeders in Cactus. This phenomenal growth rate in just a few years has required hard work, a huge capital investment, and the willingness to succeed.